Giselle is a character in The Next Step Fanon.

Personality Edit

Giselle is an aspiring acro dancer. She is very head strong and knows what she wants. She can also be very competitive. She also shares a slight similarity to West however, she is not as weird. She is also forgiving as she told Michelle that A-Troupe practices are always in Studio A even though both Giselle and Emily had blamed Michelle for Giselle being in B-Troupe.

Appearance Edit

Giselle has curly red shoulder-length hair. Her eyes are mostly green but there is some blue in them. Her dance outfits are blue, white, purple and sometimes pink. She also has a very boho street look, wearing tassels on her tops which are usually white and blue.

History Edit

Season 1Edit

Giselle was pushed down to B-Troupe after new girl Michelle came. She was replaced by Chloe in the E-Girls. Emily comforted Giselle after not making A-Troupe and they both blamed Michelle. However, Giselle showed forgiveness when telling Michelle the E-Girls tricked her and they even shared a hug.

User Series Edit

Trivia Edit

  • No matter how hard Daniel tries, she refuses to be friends with him.
  • She has a strong friendship with West and Thalia.
  • She can be very competitive.
  • She is an Acro dancer.