Loving a Rival is the Seventeenth Episode of the Next Step and the special mid season premiere crossover with Violetta. It's also the First Part of the Special.


When Andrés has a crush on Stefanie, he has to tell her but when he tells her. She doesn't feel the safe way. Meanwhile, the competition starts.

At the End, 5 were eliminated

The Next StepEdit


Studio On BeatEdit

  • Martina Stoessel as Violeta Castillo
  • Jorge Blanco as León
  • Diego Domínguez as Diego Hernández
  • Mercedes Lambre as Ludmilla Ferro
  • Pablo Espinosa as Tomás Heredia
  • Lodovica Comello as Francesca Caviglia
  • Facundo Gambandé as Maxi Ponte
  • Artur Logunov as Braco
  • Alba Rico as Natalia Vidal
  • Nicolás Garnier as Andrés


  • Ezequiel Rodriguez as Pablo Galindo
  • Pablo Sultani as Beto Benvenuto
  • Rodrigo Pedreira as Gregorio Casal
  • Samuel Nascimento as Broduey
  • Rodrigo Viella as Napo
  • Candelaria Molfese as Camilla Torres