Studio On Beat vs The Next Step is the Sixteenth Episode of the Next Step and the special mid season premiere crossover with Violetta. It's also the First Part of the Special.


Studuo On Beat is going to a Competition in Canada. Studio On Beat see there rivals, The Next Step. This is A Little Competition 10 studios will be attending. Three of them are the Next Step, Studio on Beat and Elite. Meanwhile, On Beat has to audition 10 dancers for the Competition.

The Next StepEdit


Studio On BeatEdit

  • Martina Stoessel as Violeta Castillo
  • Jorge Blanco as León
  • Diego Domínguez as Diego Hernández
  • Mercedes Lambre as Ludmilla Ferro
  • Pablo Espinosa as Tomás Heredia
  • Lodovica Comello as Francesca Caviglia
  • Facundo Gambandé as Maxi Ponte
  • Artur Logunov as Braco
  • Alba Rico as Natalia Vidal
  • Nicolás Garnier as Andrés


  • Ezequiel Rodriguez as Pablo Galindo
  • Pablo Sultani as Beto Benvenuto
  • Rodrigo Pedreira as Gregorio Casal
  • Samuel Nascimento as Broduey
  • Rodrigo Viella as Napo
  • Candelaria Molfese as Camilla Torres